HOHFlorist Bucket

HOH is the product design made by Kazuyuki Muto, the representative of momiji LLC, and also a garden lover, a gardener as well. This project was started in 2016, and now, it’s in progress.

This design is inspired by florist buckets and ‘Mizubasho’. The scientific name for Mizubasho is ‘Lysichitum camtschatcense’. This flower is familiar in Hokkaido, as a flower that tells the thaw. Origin of the name of HOH is flower bracts that is one of flower’s organs. It has a function of cover inflorescence, and its pronouncement is in Japanese, ‘Hoh’.

Florist buckets is used as a vase for exhibiting cut flowers in a flower shop, and it’s called ‘Hanaoke’ in Japanese. The general shapes of the buckets is a long cylinder. The materials of florist buckets are plastic, steel, glass and ceramics. Among them, plastic and steel are used frequently, because of its ease of use and the cost.

The reason for starting HOH project is that the design of florist buckets are not pursued. Although the florists are desired to have sense of beauty, the shape and materials of florist buckets are similar to a garbage can. It's may because that we don't have other suitable buckets. Or it is that people think that the pomp of florist buckets is needless because the main part is flower, in flower shops. Kazuyuki Muto thought it’s better to increase choice of florist buckets, so he decided to start this project.

The aim of HOH project is to have people interest in a flower shop, florists and plants. HOH is high capacity despite compact. The usage is not only for arranging flower. We can also put garden goods in it, and the large size of HOH can cover people, like a flower bract. We would appreciate if a lot of people use it for owned purpose, then their feel close to florists and plants.

In 2018, we started designing and making trial production of HOH. In 2019, We acquired product design right in domestic and foreign, supported by many people and public organization. Then we tried to consign production of HOH with the same manufacturing method and the materials of rubber boots, but now, it stops because affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. However, we never give up and make effort for getting it to florists and you.

If you have any interest in manufacture HOH, please feel free to contact us.

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